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Additional Coverage with Medicare Insurance

Original Medicare — Parts A and B — does not cover the cost of routine dental, vision or hearing care. For dental coverage, this includes annual exams, cleaning, crowns, bridges and dentures. For vision coverage, this includes annual exams, eyeglasses and contacts. For hearing coverage, this includes hearing exams and hearing aids. While there are exceptions to many of these, such as Medicare covering eye exams for diabetic patients, it can be beneficial in the long run to consider your options for additional coverage when it comes to Medicare.

Medicare Insurance and Disability Coverage

Regardless of age, disabled individuals are eligible to receive Medicare benefits through disability coverage if they have collected Social Security disability for at least 24 months. In some instances, individuals may qualify for immediate benefits.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Additional Coverage

In addition to providing an alternative to Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans often also include additional coverage such as dental, vision, hearing, prescription drug coverage and more.

Medicare Advantage plans can provide extra benefits and they’re often very affordable, with many having $0 premiums and $0 deductibles.

Understand Your Additional Coverage Options with The Medicare Helpline

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