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What is a Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan?

A Medicare Advantage plan, also called Medicare Part C, provides an alternative way for you to receive hospital insurance (Medicare Part A) and medical/doctor’s office insurance (Medicare Part B). These plans are offered by private health insurance companies that are approved by Medicare and Medicare pays these companies to cover your Medicare benefits.

When can I enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan?

You may enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan during your Initial Enrollment Period, if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period or during the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), held each year from October 15 through December 7.

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP) runs from January 1 through March 31. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have a one-time opportunity to:

Medicare plan details can change annually, so it’s always a good idea to compare your Medicare options each fall during Medicare’s AEP to confirm your health and prescription drug needs are covered by your Medicare plan in the coming year.

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What types of benefits are included in a Medicare Advantage Plan?

In addition to covering you for hospital insurance and medical/doctor’s office insurance, a Medicare Advantage Plan may also provide additional benefits over and above what you would receive with Original Medicare (Parts A and B). For example, a Medicare Advantage plan may also include coverage for:

  • Routine Vision Care

  • Hearing Aids

  • Routine Dental Care

  • Gym memberships

Another benefit with a Medicare Advantage plan is that most also include your Part D Prescription Drug coverage. Having a Medicare Advantage plan can serve as a “one-stop” plan that meets all of your health and prescription drug needs.

You can also learn more about Medicare Advantage by downloading our FREE Medicare Advantage Guide.

What Does A Medicare Advantage Plan Cost?

Not only do Medicare Advantage plans have extra benefits, they are typically very affordable. If you enroll in a MA plan, you will continue to pay for your Medicare Part B premium as well as the cost of the Medicare Advantage plan, but many MA plans have $0 premiums and $0 deductibles.

Typically, Medicare Advantage plans are managed care and have networks of health care providers, such as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Therefore, it is important for you to stay in your network or your plan may not cover your medical expenses or your costs may not apply to your out-of-pocket maximum.

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